Coporation Information introduction
For the last two decades, We've been here as a gateway adopting new district heating technologies of European countries with the aid of our special friends and business partners who dedicate to Korean district heating industries since 1986.

Various new techniques and methods have been introduced to the fields of heat transmission pipe lines by us, some successfully adopted and localized in the respective market and became standardized that drives us feel quite delightful.
- In-situ polyurethane foaming machine for pre-insulated pipe
- Trench-less Guided boring system
- Flexible pre-insulated heating water pipe
- SIS(steel in steel)/SCP(steel cased pipe)high temperature steam supply pipe system
- Heat shrinkable sleeves/casing(double seal joint) for pre-insulated pipe
- Stress relievers
- Electro-thermo preheating technique for pre-insulated pipe
- Preinsulated twin pipe
In March 2002, we have newly established Kimpo factory where we produce heat shrinkable casing called “MS-JOINT” that provides perfect water-proof sealing and easier joint installations for the laying of pre-insulated pipe. In addition, We do also produce “heat shrinkable repair kit”, details can be found at this home page.
As a specialist in the fields of District heating, We, Moksan Intertrade Corp., shall do our utmost, serving heartfully friends and
our business partners, developing better and economical solutions in the laying of district heating pipe.

Thank you in advance for your trust and advise!